What is Body Balancing?

Integrating the modern Western medical science and the holistic traditional Chinese medicine, Body Balancing therapy addresses any movement issues and muscular imbalances, which may result in limited mobility and pain. It specifically works on the muscles and fascias of your body to bring the body back into balance. Aimed to maximize your wellbeing, it also includes consultation on prevention and wellness promotion, including healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and correct exercise methods. Through Body Balancing therapy, not only will you resolve your current problem, you will also learn to proactively maintain balance and avoid any possible injuries.

Therapy Session

During this therapy session, your therapist will first spend 5–15 minutes assessing your current condition to come up with a personalized therapeutic program. The assessment may include evaluating the improvement from or new issues since the previous session. To attend to your particular need, your therapist will spend the next 40 minutes or so working on your muscles and fascias using various therapeutic techniques, including soft tissue mobilization, muscle unit training, nerve mobilization, myofascia release, and kinesio taping. In the remaining 5 – 10 minutes, she will conclude with consultation and education.