Our Philosophy

SPACE WELLNESS is Taiwan’s first wellness center to incorporate both personal yoga and integrative therapy in one setting. We aim to offer you a comfortable and peaceful environment to experience holistic health and integrated mind and body through personalized, one-on-one instructions. Designed with the warmth of home and the connectedness of nature in mind, we hope it will serve as an urban retreat where you can have your own personal space to discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  





From Matthew

Dearest SPACE community,

In opening SPACE WELLNESS, I wanted to share with you my own journey into the therapeutic benefits of yoga…

My first experience with yoga was over 13 years ago in New Delhi when my own physical limitations, brought on prematurely by poor alignment and years of running, led me to look for a practice that could rehabilitate my ailing joints. I was suffering from chronic pain and weakness in my knees, which eventually sent a clear signal of surrender during a backpacking trip to New Zealand. It was only in learning the true healing and therapeutic benefits of yoga that I was able to transform these limitations, and many others, in my own body.

SPACE WELLNESS is founded on the belief that yoga studios can play a vital role in combining the therapeutic aspects of yoga with preventative health. Modern yoga studios have the opportunity to be more than large, gym-like facilities where students practice asana. My hope is that SPACE WELLNESS can serve as a sanctuary where students feel safe, inspired, and nurtured to gain deeper spiritual connection and physical freedom, through the practice and study of yoga.

Yoga is a tool that enables us to see ourselves with more clarity, understanding, and compassion. It can also be used in small groups as a powerful therapy to heal our bodies, improve alignment and overcome injuries. My desire is that SPACE WELLNESS can serve our students, and the growing community of yoga practitioners in Taiwan, not only to provide a higher level of teaching, but also to help students to gain a greater understanding of, and control over, their own health.

I hope that you will all take time to explore this new resource and learn more about our dedicated Personal Yoga and Integrative Therapy Center, where students can receive skilled one-on-one instruction from Space’s team of wellness professionals and work specifically on problematic areas of the body using the most advanced professional yoga equipment available. I look forward to many of you receiving the life transforming benefits that SPACE WELLNESS can offer.