Q1. What is the difference between SPACE WELLNESS and SPACE YOGA?

A : Yoga can help us find balance to our mind, body and spirit and it should play a more active role in our busy modern life. Whereas SPACE YOGA is the bridge that takes you into the world of yoga, SPACE WELLNESS can serve as a therapeutic haven where you can deepen your spiritual connection and physical freedom through one-on-one yoga and integrative therapy classes.

Q2. What is the difference between the classes offered through SPACE WELLNESS and SPACE YOGA public classes?

A : SPACE YOGA public classes offer you a wonderful way to try out different classes that are designed to be suitable for general public. If you are looking for an individualized class or a therapeutic focused class, then the classes offered through SPACE WELLNESS are the ones for you. Many of the practice or physical limitations and problems that you encounter in a public class can be fully and effectively addressed, one-on-one, with your own yoga teacher or integrative therapist in the private class setting. See other benefits of private classes.>>

Q3. Can I request classes to be designed to fit with my special needs?

A : Yes, of course. That is one of the great benefits of private classes. Whether it is for injury rehabilitation, pain reduction, or even just to get in shape, your own yoga teacher or integrative therapist will assess your needs and come up with a suitable program just for you.

Q4. I have never done yoga before. Am I suitable for personal yoga classes?

A : Most definitely! The best part of a personal yoga class is that it is taught at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with others like in a public class. With the dedicated attention from your own private teacher, it is the perfect way for you to build a solid foundation for your practice.

Q5.How long is a personal yoga class?

A : The length of a class is based on units,One unit is 30 minutes. Basically, we recommend you to take a 3-unit (90 minutes) class. However, if you have special needs, you may specify the number of units you would like to use per class. We do have a minimum requirement of 2 units (60 minutes) and a maximum limit of 4 units (120 minutes) per class.

Q6. Who is suitable for Body Balacning Therapy classes?

A : Body Balacning therapy involves a combination of passive and active physical stretching, alignment and muscle engagement. If you have any structural issues, muscle imbalances, improper alignment that is causing you pain or discomfort, our integrative therapist can assess your situation and help you achieve balance. Please  leave you contact information and we’ll contact you to set up for a visit and a trial class.



Q7. Are Body Balancning Therapy classes also good for up to 3 people?

A : Body Balancing Therapy can only be done one-on-one. The class is highly personalized, where the therapist is focused solely on your particular physical condition and muscular structure.

Q8. Can I purchase a la carte class units?

A : Everything about your personal yoga class is customized just for you. To effective assess your progress and to see result, you need to practice with your own private teacher over an extended period of time. That is why we have set up these class unit packages and why we currently do not offer single class units for sale.


Q9. Do I have to finish taking my SPACE WELLNESS classes by a certain time before they expire?

A : Different class unit packages have different expiration periods. This is meant to remind you that yoga practice needs to be consistent. If you schedule at least one class a week, you will have plenty of time to finish up all of your class units.


Q10. After I start my personal yoga classes, can I invite my friends to join half way?

A : Our personal yoga classes are designed to have no more than 3 people, so you can receive the individual attention you need. As such, when you first purchase the class units, you have to specify who will be attending classes with you. This way, the teacher can design the series of classes according to you and your group’s needs and you can practice and progress based on the foundation that is set up from each class that was previously taken. To add a new member will break the flow of your learning and will take away too much of your teacher’s attention as she would have to spend extra time to get to know the new student and extra attention on a new member who have missed out on the previous lessons. This is why we kindly request that you and your and your friends carefully consider this issue when you first purchase your class units.


Q11. After I start my classes, can I change my teacher?

A : When you first start, there is an opportunity for you to discuss with the teacher your current condition and your practice objectives. After the first class or two, if you feel your current teacher’s teachings differ from your expectation, you may request a change within the first three classes. We would be happy to set you up with another suitable teacher. You may only request the change one time.


Q12. Can I change the length of my class (number of class units) at any time?

A : If the room and the teacher are available, you may change the length of your personal yoga class or Body Balancing Therapy class (number of the class unit) TWICE before you use up your package of units. The change will take effect starting with your next class. The length of Integrative Therapy classes is fixed to be 60 minutes long.

Q13. After I purchased my class units, how soon can I start my classes?

A : After we have confirmed your class time and your selected teacher with you, we can set up your class schedule right away for at least a month. The fastest the schedule can be set is within 3 days, with your first class starting within a week.


Q14. How do I sign up for my personal yoga or Body Balancing Therapy class?

A : You can simply stop by SPACE WELLNESS to sign up and we will schedule your classes and teacher right away, then you’ll be able to start your first class within a week. Or you can just provide your contact information online and we’ll contact you to set up for a visit and a trial class.