Personal Yoga

Personal yoga classes perfectly combine the benefits of one-on-one instruction with a tailored focus on proper alignment, breath, and movement. With between 1 to 5 participants per class, you will receive precise instruction for optimal personal results. In our newly renovated, intimate setting, outfitted with a full range of Iyengar and therapeutic props and equipment, each student will receive personalized guidance and adjustment in virtually every posture. This will ensure that safe and correct alignment is coordinated with your breath, while enabling you to go deeper into the therapeutic aspects of your practice.

Though each class will cover the sequencing for the full body, individual sessions will isolate areas for more specific focus. Personal Yoga will be dedicated to maintaining the softness of a contemplative practice, while allowing you to gain greater understanding of your practice, both on and off the mat. Personal Yoga is highly beneficial and can also be used to compliment an existing regimen of public classes.