From Sharon

I started my teaching career in 2004 with small 4-8 people group classes and one-on-one private classes. Often people had asked me what the best thing about private yoga class was. From the teaching perspective, I always believe it was the flexibility of time and the personalized instructions.

Most people go to class after work or on weekends when it is most convenient for them. During these popular hours, it is easy to find the classes you want to take are already full and that you have to be wait-listed or take another class. And there are others who can only take classes are certain time and can’t find the teachers or classes they like. I even have students who asked me that if they take private classes that means they don’t need to take public ones. All these different issues and questions often impede one’s practice or lead to an inconsistent practice. However, these can all be resolved by the scheduling flexibility and the personalized instructions of private classes.

I have had student who expressed that: “in regular classes, the influence and the focus of a group practice allow me to fully explore my potential. But, when I am alone on my mat, I don’t know where to start or what to improve.” It is true that group and private classes can be mutually beneficial. The experience you gather in a group class can be a positive energy through helpful interactions with other students. In a private class, through the teacher’s individualized instructions and guidance, you can deepen your own practice with either close friends and family or just yourself.

Yoga is to free one’s mind and body. Behind that freedom, there needs to be a constant cultivation.

“Do an ordinary thing consistently and it’ll become extraordinary.”


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