Rachel Lee ‘s Sharing

Since I started teaching private yoga class, I have come to understand the concept of “teaching and learning goes both ways” even more.

It is like meeting a friend for afternoon tea, each week at the same time and same place. Our attire revealed our inner expectation. Our facial expressions reflected our feelings at the moment. In this cafe, we don’t always have to order latte; we can share some citrus or rose tea. I can present my views and you can share with your feelings.

Because of teaching, I’m fortunate to meet students from all walks of life. A lower back pain, for some people may be caused by flying long distance, for others could be caused by strenuous exercise and yet for others could be from carrying their child in an improper position. Different causes have different ways to relieve the pain. Some people may need to strengthen their back muscles and others my need to stretch them to relieve tension. A private class can address individual’s unique body and needs, using different props and with the direct one-on-one communication between the teacher and students, the student can consistently improve with each class.

A class that is just our own, where the student can directly express herself and I can focus on her personal needs, make it as enjoyable as having afternoon tea.

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