Yoga Te


Learn to open your body, heal old injuries, and finally, find harmony of body and mind


Shirlyn started teaching yoga in 2003 and uses Anusara in both her personal practice and as the focus in her teaching. In addition to yoga, Shirlyn is also a certified instructor of Pilates (a body philosophy that is known for its rehabilitative functions) as well as a personal fitness trainer (Body Pump, Body Balance, Spinning, Aerobic).

Teaching Focus

Since I started teaching at the age of 24, I have noticed the uniqueness of every student’s physical and mental condition and hence, how each person’s health needs require different ways of learning. In private classes, I will draw on my years of experience to create a suitable class for the specific individual but the basic principle will be to teach students how to listen and feel their body, working on muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and coordination. If these four elements are developed in balance, both body and mind, internal and external, will be naturally filled with vitality. The practice will also emphasize body alignment and focus.