Yoga Teacher



Ashley began learning yoga in 1998. After experiencing various yoga traditions, she eventually became deeply involved in Iyengar yoga. Throughout the journey she began to develop great sensitivity, advanced body awareness and sharp observation, which allows her to swiftly identify students’ conditions and instruct them accordingly.

Teaching Focus

She especially enjoys teaching 1 on 1 and shares what she has learned. Her theme-based sequencing skills can help students establish a regular practice, which then gradually brings alignment and balance to their bodies, meanwhile cultivating self-observation.

She always humbly says that she’s not particularly articulate when it comes to inspiring or soothing people, and therefore prefers to lead and provide assistance for the physical aspect of the practice. After all, as we slowly take on more and more challenges in class under the teacher’s guidance, the sense of achievement generated from the physical practice will eventually transform into satisfaction in our inner worlds.