Body Balancing Teacher



Tony received his undergraduate degree from National Yang-Ming University and has a Master of Physiotherapy from University of Otago in New Zealand. He has worked in Shin Kong Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute, Xindian Tzu Chi Hospital, and many other Medical Institutions. He has additional training in Kinetic Control Level I and II courses, as well as Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation) 1 course from Redcord. He has worked with many athletes and is particularly experienced in working with recovery from sports injuries.

Therapeutic Focus

Basing his assessment learned from Australian/New Zealand system, Tony helps students locate the source of their physical discomfort. He believes most of our injuries and tensions are due to improper motor control, causing incorrect use of our body. Through appropriate Kinetic Control exercises to reshape the brain’s cognition of correct motor movement, along with myofascial release and joint release techniques, Tony assist the students to achieved a balanced body and thereby resolve any physical tension and discomfort. 

Information about Body Balancing Therapy