Body Balancing Teacher



Graduated with a Physical Therapy degree from Yang Ming University, Patty has been a chief physical therapist in ShiKang Rehabilitation Clinic.

Therapeutic Focus

With years of clinical experience, Patty assesses student’s physical imbalances from the bony alignment and muscle balance point of view. During the session, she may use a combination of soft tissue mobilization, spinal joint therapy, finger surgery manual treatment, kinesio taping and posture assessment, to release myofasica tension, awaken the inflexible muscles, realign joints and rebalance the body.

The only way to truly restore health from an imbalanced body is through an integrated mind/body therapy. Through a course of treatment with Patty, students can improve their yoga practice, reduce sports injury, learn to listen to their own body. When the body is free of pain and limitation, ease and joy naturally arises.

Information about Body Balancing Therapy