Body Balancing Teacher



Graduated with a Physical Therapy degree from Chang Gung University and National Sports University’s School of Sports Injury Prevention, Lily has been a physical therapist in Eu Chu Kong Hospital and a Pilates instructor at Core Pilates Health. She is a certified Polestar Pilates teacher and has completed Polestar Pilates Advanced Assessment Skills training. She is also trained in Soft Tissue Vibration Therapy, Reiki, Yuan’s Method, and Kinesio Taping. She has attended many spiritual courses and retreats in various parts of the world, including Caribbean Sea, Thailand, Bali and Sedona, Arizona.

Therapeutic Focus

In her therapy session, Lily uses a special positioning myofascial release technique and light and pain-free touches to release tense and overused muscles. She often employes movement training to balance strength and flexibility. The idea is to teach the student to extend from the body’s energetic core to the extremities. By developing body’s awareness, inner focus and the core power, one can gain back her control over the body’s balance, flexibility and stability in movement.

About Body Balancing