Body Balancing Teacher 



Jo was graduated from Department of physical therapy, National Yang-Ming University. She is an experienced manual therapist with more than ten years practicing in clinics. To enhance the care qulity and integrity, Jo has continuously completed several training courses, including Cyriax approach, muscle energy, Kinesio Taping, and even integrative approach, such as Tibet singing bowl sound healing and SSR Reiki.

Therapeutic Focus

Mainly based on physical examination and Cyriax approach, Jo is proficient in solving problems with muscles, tendons, fascias, or other soft tissues. However, pain relieving is not the only key during the session. Making connection with one’s own body is. The injury is ignored and the strain accumulates when one doesn’t feel it. By fingertip light-touch massage, guided exercise, and posture correction, Jo helps our members know their own bodies better. She believes once we can keep alart to our every single posture, movement, and thought, we do take really good care of our own body, mind, and soul.

About Body Balancing