The Positive Power of Yoga

[Author:Frank Sun / Rachel Lee’s Student]

Wanting to relieve the mental stress from work and physical stress from my workout, I walked into the world of yoga on a fortuitous occasion.

I wrongly assumed that yoga was just an exercise to increase my flexibility; I never thought I had to chant with the teacher in class. Subsequently I decided to take private classes instead of public ones, hoping that would be more suited to my needs.

That first private class felt like an interview. It was conducted in a Q-and-A like fashion and it resolved much confusion I had about yoga. I also discovered that I already had the intention to live my life with more awareness (even though it still took another three weeks for me to let go and chant OM).

My private yoga teacher sometimes could be quite serious in class. She would focus on one element and won’t let go, but slowly I started to understand why. I remember there was a time that I mentioned I was a runner and how all the sweat from running made me felt I had more energy to deal with my high pressure job. I didn’t think that in one yoga class, she could make me worked so hard in strengthening my legs that my thighs were shaking and my calves were aching. What was even more surprising was that when I went for my morning run the day after next, it was a breeze as if there was wind beneath my wings. There was another time that I felt drained and was yawning, complaining about my long commute. But, after class not only was I no longer tired, I was completely energized and that night I also slept very well.

I now include yoga in my regular schedule. Aside from the mind body release I receive from a consistent practice, I also feel I have developed a deeper understanding of myself. It further fortified my unwavering spirit and deepened my motivation to practice. And I like share this encouragement with everyone.

Frank Sun

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