Design Concept

With the ideas of “home” and “green” in mind, every corner of SPACE WELLNESS, from the dedicated quiet meditation room to the completely private practice rooms, is constructed with mostly eco-friendly materials and designed to surround you with feelings of warm comforts of home. By maximizing the use of the existing clear glass windows, nature is integrated into the space. Practicing with the beautiful, breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the wide open sky as the backdrop allows you to feel even more connected and centered.


Wellness is all about balance. Based on the theory of Ayuveda (Indian “Science of Life”), the quality of one’s wellbeing is rooted in the appropriate balance of the five elements: Pṛthvī (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vāyu (air) and Ākāśa (Sky). Named after these elements, each of the five SPACE WELLNESS rooms is intended to provide you with the ideal setting to experience total balance to your mind, body and spirit.

The yoga of design, the union of form and function, of aesthetics and practicality, is expressed in this tranquil space, making it the perfect environment for you to discover your inner wellness.