Personal Practice Rooms

Integrating the healing power of nature into the space, each of the four personal practice rooms has an awe-inspiring mountain view and is decorated with many potted thick-leaf herbal plants. The eco-friendly design of the rooms can be seen in the materials used around the room. The area rug is made with recycled leather scraps that provides therapeutic tactile sensation when you walked on it, making you feel immediately more grounded and connected. The “centering candles” on the shelves are LED lights that can be recharged and reused and the yoga blocks are natural cork blocks that are “green” and supportive.

The main feature of the rooms is the Iyengar Yoga Wall that works with various adjustable straps, wall bars and pelvic swings to help you safely and correctly practice all types of poses, regardless of your physical condition. In keeping with the theme of nature, our yoga walls are specially covered with a natural wall surface, made of flaxseed oil, mixed with resin, wood pulp, limestone powder and other materials that have been through a natural drying process. The non-slip, natural wood textured flooring provides an additional stability when you work with the wall or practice in the middle of the room.

The private and serene ambiance of the rooms offers you the ideal environment to enjoy your personalized practice and experience holistic health.