Yoga Wall

Originally designed by BKS Iyengar in the form of ropes attached to wall hooks to assist students in various yoga asana (poses), our yoga wall system has various adjustable straps and wall bars, and more comfortable pelvic swings to accommodate every height and body type. No matter you are practicing standing poses, backbends, forward folds, twists or inversions, under our certified teacher’s instructions, the yoga wall can help you as a healthy yoga practitioner to safely and correctly perform a pose that you were unable to do before or stay longer in a pose to reach the maximum benefit of the pose. It can also be used therapeutically to help you heal from injuries or correct certain physical imbalances or misalignments.



 – an excellent aid to the practice of backbends

The use of backbender allows for complete relaxation in backbending poses and the spine are fully supported whilst stretching, without placing stress on other joints. The chest and lungs are expanded during use which allows for easier breathing. Using the backbender for support can also assist in the relief of sciatic or other spinal pain. It supports a wide range of backbends and their variations and can also be used to practice drop-backs (pictured below right) and forward bends.

Inversion Swing

It is a perfect tool to experience the benefits of inversion without creating stress or impacting your joints. Inversions can help reverse the negative effects of gravity on the body, increase circulation, while improve your immune system. The central support of the swing comfortably grips the pelvic area allowing stabilized movement while you stretch horizontally, vertically or fully inverted. You can lengthen and decompress your spine by hanging inversion, reduce lower back pain and increase core strength. In addition to inversions, the six side handle grips give you a full range of motion in 360 degrees, allowing you to practice a wide range of poses with ease.


Yoga Barrel

This is an excellent tool for loosening the joints of your spine and opening your chest. It can be used by lying on top of it and rolling it up and down your spine or to open your chest while doing supported Paryankasana or with your legs straight. It can be used alone or with other props to help you practice backbends with more ease