Yoga Teacher


Feel truly the goodness of yoga and return to the body its original space


Lynn began her yoga journey in 2000, starting Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice in 2005 and completing 300-hr training in Jivamukti Yoga in 2009. Her practice currently centers around Jivamukti.

Teaching Focus

I see myself not as a yoga teacher, but more as someone who shares yoga. I am eager to share with students the knowledge that is gained through understanding the body, the intelligence that is tapped through exploring the classical texts as well as life experiences, and the insight that is experienced through breathing practices and meditation.

As each person’s journey in yoga goes through different stages, the guidance and strength of practice need to be adjusted accordingly. In private classes, each student will be provided with a variety of options, using props as needed, so that she will be able to experience the goodness of yoga in the present moment, return to the body its original space, and love herself more. Detailed hand adjustments will add a finishing touch to the practice, helping students to achieve correct alignment and guiding a positive flow of energy.