Yoga Teacher


Breath is life


  • Rolfing Spectrum training in Germany 2017
  • Yoga Therapy training with Doug Keller, 2014.
  • 200 hours Ashtanga training with Richard Freeman, 2013.
  • 200 hours foundation assisting Patrick Creelman, 2009.
  • 200 hours foundation teacher training with Patrick Creelman, 2008.

Teaching Focus

As long as we are alive, we are in a constant communication with our body and mind. The older Chops gets, the more he realizes this communication is a practice of a lifetime; and we should learn to communicate with the body and mind more compassionately. Mindfulness breathing and moving intelligently is the key.

Originally, Chops thought a healthy body should look like an underwear model. But after years of learning and exploring about the body, he had a different insight. Experiment with the breath was a big changing point. Breath is life, there are certain muscles groups that help people to breathe fully which is in direct relationship with better posture, better support from gravity. Through yoga, Chops have been able to experience fuller and deeper breath. He wishes to share this kind of knowledge and experience to those around him.

Chops truly believe that as we deepen our communication and understanding with our bodies and minds. Gravity will support us to connect with the plumb line, and we will be able to sit, stand and walk with more intelligence, feel lighter and supported. All you need to do is to take that first step, and continuing to explore.